Friday, September 25, 2015

B'Sue Boutiques Change it up blog hop, Cynthia Wainscott

Hola and Welcome to the B'Sue Boutiques "change it up" blog hop.Master Designer and dear friend Brenda Sue from Bsue boutiques is our host. she has gathered 29 artists who took the challenge to transform and utilize one or all of these 4 beautiful raw brass stampings that you can find at

I believe the 29 artist (including myself) are part of the B'sue boutiques creative group on Facebook. There we have monthly challenges that help us keep our mind inspired. The challenge for this month is "vintage flair" so we are "changing it up but with a vintage flair" Ok let's start!I decided to use 2 pieces

This little one (LF09727) and I have known each other for a while, I have used it in many of my designs and Its perfect for layering ( if you know me you know "momma loves her layering")So I grabbed my handy super sharp sheers and without feeling sorry I cut those leaves, filed the sharp parts, sanded some more and then applied some Swellegant darkening patina.I had a beautiful layered filigree that miss Brenda informed me a couple months ago it's a Victorian buckle and I knew that was going to be my center of my bracelet. For the sides I'm using "CUF09815" I have used this fella too but when I put it under the buckle it didn't fit right so... I cut it too!, after all it's changed it up!. What I like about this blog hop is that helps you find the stamping inside the stamping, and that's what I did. Later I realized that I probably didn't need to cut the big stamping but it made it easier for me to rivet everything tight and nice.In my messy table you can see I also have other elements in raw brass where I used Swellegant.


After drilling and riveting the main pieces in place the layering fun begun and I started the composition of my design.My mom always said I had an old soul, I think she is right I'm a vintage gal, and this vintage design it's inspired by a special lady, "Titania" queen of the Fairies in a Midsummer Night's dream of William Shakespeare.

This is "Titania" and this cuff her portrait.

Oh and because we need to adapt our designs to today's fashion, here two ladies wearing 2015 fashion trends that I'm sure those dresses go perfect with my cuff ;)

Thank you so much for reading along and I hope you enjoyed my design and my post. Please don't forget to visit my fellow designers who are part of the hop and share a little love and leave us some comments too! Thank you and have a great day!Cynthia.

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!! I'm only this far into the hop and already am amazed at how great everyone's pieces turned out!! That is just one stunning piece! Congratulations!

  2. You know I am a fan of your work…You have an amazing eye and a wonderful gift. This piece is extraordinary. Your mom is right. You do have an "old soul," perhaps several and each piece you create becomes the song of ancient voices. This is beautiful. I love looking at the things you make and enjoyed reading your blog post just as much. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us!

  3. Fabulous cuff Renee! Always intrigues me how you layer your pieces. Love your work.

  4. I love what you did with this beautiful cuff! How you framed the lovely lady using that focal piece is quite creative! Beautiful as always!!!! Ingrid

  5. I love it. The colors are amazing. So pretty.

  6. wonderful work, as always. Great job!

  7. That is so pretty! I love it! and your inspiration!
    I'd also like to Ditto what Susan said!

  8. Brilliantly done as always, mija....tu te aventaste! Es perfeccion. And yes! I agree, it would go with the outfits you choose to share. That was a great feature of your post, I never thought to do that. It would make a great challenge in itself. I think the cuff would really dance well with the second outfit but even the green one, it would make a fine pairing. Thanks for your wonderful ideas! Besos y abrazos!

  9. Hi Cynthia. Your technique of layering brass, looks like layering watercolor in a painting. Everything blends together into a perfect design.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Cynthia. Your layering is perfection and design stellar. Bravo.

  11. I commented earlier but it does not seem to be working. Your Cuff is amazing! Q

  12. I once told a friend that if I could think like you do, I'd really be cooking on designing marvels! Your style is so amazing to me and I admire you so much. The way you put together the parts and pieces for Titania is so gorgeous. I could look at it all day and not tire of the piece. It will sell before you put it up! :):)

  13. love your cuff .. it inspires me to learn to layer better .. your work is always beautiful

  14. Such a beautiful clever design. I love what yo did with this and you brought it together perfectly to go with your theme of Tatania

  15. Your creations are breathtaking! Your layering and colorizing skills are exquisite. I don't even know how to describe your work (art) it's so beautiful. And I agree with Alexandra, I could look at your work all day.


  16. Cynthia, my eyes are drooling over your amazing design. The layers are wonderful and blend together perfectly. Your mom is right - the is an old soul at work in this design. Really, all of your work has the same feel. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style!

  17. Cynthia, this design is off the charts, gorgeous!! Love how you layered everything and put the beautiful fairy Tatiana in the center of your design. Well done, as always, my friend!!

  18. What a gorgeous bracelet, Cynthia ... amazing! Then again, you always do wow us. :) Very clever, and I love the coloring and the whole design..... great job on this challenge!

  19. I love the way you dreamed this cuff together and the use of Tatiana, a fae always gives a piece an extra edge of mystery to me~! xXx Ne

  20. Cynthia--What a great blog and awesome bracelet. I need to be braver about cutting things apart, especially when I see what you did! Your blog is great too. I love the way you pulled in the pictures of dresses that would go with your bracelet. Very clever.

  21. Cynthia, what a great and entertaining post! I love your writing style. Showing the etching of "Titania" and your result, and adding an example of outfits to wear it with today is a great idea! Your layering is beautiful. You are super talented!

  22. Cynthia, your piece is nothing short of STUNNNG!! Great blog post! ������
    Catherine S.

  23. Shakespeare can write, but you girl can create! Those models need accessorized, and your creation is just what they need! Beautifully done Cynthia.

  24. This is just beautiful. Job well done! Shakespeare would be proud, indeed!!!

  25. Omg you arewithout a doubt so beautifuly creative. Gorgeous Cuff.

  26. Omg you arewithout a doubt so beautifuly creative. Gorgeous Cuff.

  27. Beautiful design and so much detail. Your post was well researched, presented and an entertaining read. Brilliant job!